Projects & Publications

Oil & Gas (Computational and Experimental)

Impact of Inertial Effects on Proppant Conductivity: Numerical Analysis from Pore to Reservoir Scale for a Propped Hydraulic Fracture Within a Tight Rock Formation with Natural Fracture Network, I. D. Prodan (submitted).

Finite Element Study on the Flow in Microchannels and Granular Porous Media (2015-2016).

The Forchheimer Equation Revisited and Its Application in Unconventional Hydrocarbon Operations, D. Mao, J. M. Karanikas, P. S. Fair, I. D. Prodan, and G. K. Wong, SPE 180920 (2016).

Novel Water Injector Completion Design: A Computational Fluid Dynamics Study, I.D. Prodan, Shell Upstream Production Deepwater (2015).

Austin Chalk Geomechanics and Permeability, I.D. Prodan, R.L. Rosen et al., Marathon Subsurface Technology (2014).

Special Core Analysis on Selected Samples from the Caterpillar Well in the Norwegian North Sea, I.D. Prodan, R.L. Rosen et al., Marathon Subsurface Technology (2014).

Efficacy of Surfactant Additives in Fracturing Fluids, I.D. Prodan, R.L. Rosen et al., Marathon Subsurface Technology (2013).

Gravel Pack Failure Mechanisms for Offshore Horizontal Open Hole Producing Wells, I.D. Prodan, J. Kielty, P.S. Fair, and G.K Wong, Shell Upstream Technology (2007-2010).

Gravel pack stability: Kinetic Effects and Stability Criteria for the Fluidization of Particle Beds, I.D. Prodan, J. Kielty and P.S. Fair, Shell Upstream Technology (2006-2009).


Injector Fill Displacement Tubes, L.A. Bernardi, P.S. Fair, G.K. Wong, I.D. Prodan, A.G. Tallin, and J.M. Kielty, World Intellectual Property Organization, 003897 (2016).

Methods of Identifying Fluids Using Terahertz Irradiation, M. Appel, D.E. Dria, H. Elshahawi, W.J.M. Epping, R.M. Ostermeier, J.G. Pearce, and I.D. Prodan, World Intellectual Property Organization, 070667 (2009).

Hybrid Density Functional Calculations (Computational)

Covalency in the Actinide Dioxides: Systematic Study of the Electronic Properties Using Screened Hybrid Density Functional Theory, I.D. Prodan, G.E. Scuseria, and R.L. Martin, Phys. Rev. B, 76, 033101 (2007).

Assessment of Metageneralized Gradient Approximation and Screened Coulomb Hybrid Density Functionals on Bulk Actinide Oxides, I.D. Prodan, G.E. Scuseria and R.L. Martin, Phys. Rev. B, 73, 045104 (2006).

Mott Transition of MnO under Pressure: Comparison of Correlated Band Theories, D. Kasinathan et al., Phys. Rev. B, 74, 195110 (2006).

A Comparison of Hybrid Density Functional Theory with Photoemission of Surface Oxides of Delta Plutonium, M.T. Butterfield et al., Surf. Science 600, 1637 (2006).

Hybrid Density Functional Studies of Bulk Actinide Oxides, I.D. Prodan, Doctoral Thesis, Rice University (2006).

Lattice Defects and Magnetic Ordering in Plutonium Oxides: A Hybrid Density Functional Theory Study of Strongly Correlated Materials, I.D. Prodan, G.E. Scuseria, J.A. Sordo, K.N. Kudin and R.L. Martin, J. Chem. Phys., 123, 014703 (2005).

Atomic & Molecular Physics, Spectroscopy (Experimental)

Intensity Dependence of Photoassociation in a Quantum Degenerate Atomic Gas, I.D. Prodan, M. Pichler, M. Junker, R.G. Hulet and J.L. Bohn, Phys. Rev. Lett., 91, 080402 (2003).

Coherent Photoassociation of a Quantum Degenerate Gas, I. Prodan, M. Junker and R.G. Hulet, Quantum Electronics and Laser Science 2002, 96 (2002).

Direct Observation of Growth and Collapse of a Bose–Einstein Condensate with Attractive Interactions, J.M. Gerton, D. Strekalov, I. Prodan, and R.G. Hulet, Nature, 408, 692 (2000).

Vibrational Relaxation of Ultracold Lithium Dimers, J.M. Gerton, D. Strekalov, I.D. Prodan, and R.G. Hulet, Quantum Electronics and Laser Science 2000, 96 (2000).

Experimental Studies of the NaK 1(3)Δ State, J. Huennekens, I. Prodan, A. Marks, L. Sibbach, E. Galle, T.Morgus, and L. Li, J. Chem. Phys., 113, 7384 (2000).

Experimental Study of the NaK 3(1)Π State, E. Laub, I. Prodan et al., J. Mol. Spectrosc., 193, 376 (1999).


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