2016-06-09: COMSOL Day Houston: Invited Speaker

The first ever COMSOL Day Houston took¬†place on Thursday June 9, 2016, with Boffin Solutions’ Ionut Prodan as invited speaker and discussion panelist.


Below is¬†Ionut’s presentation summary.

Subsurface Flow: From Pore to Reservoir Scale

Subsurface operations involving high flow rates, such as production from hydraulically fractured reservoirs or water flood injection, often involve Frac&Pack or gravel pack completion. Inertial effects can become significant in such systems, adversely affecting how the reservoir or injection energy is spent.

This presentation employs the description of inertial effects as a vehicle to showcase some of COMSOL’s capabilities for modeling subsurface flow.
First the emergence of inertial effects is investigated, by solving the Navier-Stokes equations for microscale flow in the interstitial space of close-packed spheres.
An oilfield application is considered next, namely production from a hydraulically fractured reservoir with a natural fracture network. This model employs Darcy’s law for the low-permeability matrix, while the Forchheimer equation is solved for flow in the propped hydraulic fractures. The flow through the natural fracture network is efficiently modeled in two dimensions only, via the Fracture Flow interface.

2016-09-13: COMSOL Blog: Fracture Flux Conservation

When modeling thin fractures within a 3D porous matrix, you can efficiently describe their pressure field by modeling them as 2D objects via the Fracture Flow interface. Significant fracture flux calculation issues, however, may arise for systems of practical interest, such as hydraulic fractures contained within unconventional reservoirs. See how a hybrid approach overcomes such difficulties.


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